A biochemical repair is a way to speed up the body’s recovery after many years abuse of the body with a diet and behaviors that have created nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional deficiencies create imbalances in both body and brain, imbalances that make many people ultimately not recognize themselves neither physically nor mentally.

Our experience working with clients tells us that this is an important cornerstone of recovery, as nutritional deficiencies can take a long time to remedy and takes longer if addressed solely through dietary changes whereas a BKR simply helps you speeding up the recovery.

Imbalances often affect hormone regulation, neurotransmitters, fatty acid balance and intestinal health, all elements important to balance as quickly as possible to facilitate the recovery process, as these imbalances in themselves can make it harder to manage your addiction.

Biochemical repair can be included as part of a long-term treatment plan but also be purchased as independent help regardless of other types of advice here at LevaSockerfri

At LevaSockerfri you get help from Frida Sandin, specialist in Biochemical repair and trained HAM addiction therapist by Bitten Jonsson at Bittens Addiction, in combination with Charlotte Schön Poulsen (dietician, lifestyle coach, alcohol and drug therapist) providing her knowledge around analysis of the nutrition test that is also performed as part of the BKR.

How to get started?

What is the cost?

Start by giving us a shout here

The first 30 minute session is performed through zoom and are provided at no cost.

The price

A Biochemical Repair analysis typically cost

1995,- SEK

which can be translated into approximately

200 Euros or 180 GBP

You initiate the biochemical repair by filling in the forms we provide access to, once we have agreed on the process.

After our review of the filled in forms, we schedule a meeting through zoom which takes approximately 60 minutes. There we go through the results of the analysis and what measures you need to take during the next 3 months.

In advance of the meeting you will also receive written feedback as input for the dialogue.

The feedback contains specific dietary advice, suggestions for dietary supplements and behavioral changes that will help the body to repair and balance your biochemical imbalances.

No food or dietary supplements are included in the fee.


We are not doctors and all actions you take are entirely based on your own decisions. The information and advice given in a biochemical repair be considered as a supplement and will never replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or other licensed healthcare professional.