• Sweet taste – A rose by many names
    A rose by many names – You probably recognize that expression very well! Sugar is definitely something we have held far too dear for far too long, and is part of the answer to why we have this global metabolic disaster today. Sugar has proven to be linked to both physical and mental health – … Read more
  • Salmon in package
    Now that asparagus is available cheaply in the store, we can highly recommend making this dish that is cooked in a package in the oven. Serve with an aioli and/or basil mayonnaise and a green mixed salad and dinner is complete. Salmon in package should have 20-25 minutes in the oven and have about 15 … Read more
  • Every new beginning is a challenge
    Making decisions about changes, changing something in your everyday life or behaviour can be an extremely frightening thought. You enter the unknown, and with the unknown – you never know what it brings. This is like the left image. You see a start – it needs to be brushed off to be safe to walk, … Read more
  • Delicious starter – Red onion panacotta
    Our normal eating habits are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Sometimes, however, a starter can fit in wery well – especially if you are entertaining guests or want to do something special for celebration. Adding a delicious starter to the menu is way better than going in to the area of desserts This dish i really … Read more
  • What does the expression “sugar-free living” mean to you you?
    The consequences a carb rich diet has on our health, may not have passed unseen to anyone these days. This has led more people to, for the sake of their health, try to make conscious choices in their everyday life. For many this means removing as much sugar as one finds reasonable and are capable … Read more
  • Candida
    Candida is a fungus most of us have as part of our intestinal flora. The problem is if it, for various reasons, gets too much space and too much food. Then it can grow and become part of an unbalanced intestinal flora that can cause problems for you and your health. For example, it can … Read more
  • Root vegetable gratin for those who can tolerate
    If root veggies triggers unnecessary cravings and the risk of overeating or unwanted behavior afterwards, this dish is not for you. Before going any further – be honest with yourself – does this work or doesn’t it? If it doesn’t trigger it offer nutritional elements that are good for us – especially hyaluronic acid and … Read more
  • Thai according to Maarit
    Thai food is something most people like, but it can be quite difficult to find trigger-free food when you go out or buy takeaway. Here’s Maarit’s suggestion for a dairy-free, sugar-free and gluten-free Thai-inspired dish. 4 chicken fillets cut into cubes 1-1.5 dl coconut cream or coconut milk 5 fresh mushrooms, roughly chopped 1 yellow … Read more
  • Fresh Salmon with pak choi and forest mushrooms
    The other night we got hungry for Salmon with an Asian touch, and Asian feeling and flavors is definitely something you get if you use pak choi, lemon and brown mushrooms and add a cold sauce of mayonnaise, rice vinegar and sesame oil. Ingredients for 4 people : 600 – 800g Salmon 2 branches of … Read more
  • Maarits simple marinades for grilling
    We love it when Maarit is on a roll and happy to share her tricks for a sugar-free everyday life. Marinades can be a scourge. Especially those you buy ready-made, which are often full of all sorts of sugars, that can trigger unwanted behavior (be especially careful with HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup). That’s … Read more

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