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We are primarily Charlotte Schön Poulsen and Frida Sandin, and we work professionally and personally with you who experience consequences from an unhealthy modern lifestyle addicted to sugar and/or other (processed) food substances.

Frida is a sober sugar and alcohol addict and Charlotte found the key to her digestive problems through change of lifestyle and diet – the same diet for both, solving so very different problems.

In our ordinary Swedish addiction program we also work with specialists within (motivational)coaching and biochemical repair forming a crossfunctional team with a holistic view to addiction, all based on the knowledge from great masters like Robert Lustig, Nicole Avena, Joan Ifland, Eric Braverman and not the least, Swedish Bitten Jonsson.

We work with addiction as defined i ASAM and in a chronic disease maintenance model. We are treating in a long term perspective using both inhouse and outhouse treatment, group based and individual therapy. We base screening and diagnostics on the tools of UNCOPE and SUGAR. The latter derived from the WHO developed diagnostics tool for Alcohol and drugs – ADDIS.

Our team enables us to work with a large variety of methods for therapy and coaching like CRA, MI, NLP, EFT, meditation and mindfulness to mention some.

Our clients receive their own copy of the workbook for a better life and we use that in the healing process for the clients to visualise and enable personal change.

We joined forces as we see that we complement each other in so many ways, and together we provide a unique combination of emphatic and practical competences to help you embark on the road to recovery with a life free of the drug.

Being isolated and alone with the sugar monster is doing noone any good – so come a join us – Now it’s your time to shine.

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