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In English Leva Sockerfri means Living SugarFree, and despite our name, recovery from processed food addiction is about so much more that the focus you put on the plate.

Of course you need to work with nutrition and how you compose your meals to stay sugar-free, but it is also about obtaining a sustainable lifestyle taking into account the fact that you are addicted to sugar and/or ultraprocessed food.

As we put it – Your addiction always comes first. If you fail to adhere to sobriety, everything else in your life will suffer the consequences.

To embark on the journey to recovery we see that you need to focus not just on what to eat or not, but also :

1. Physical health

2. Psychical/mental health

3. Social health

4. Spiritual health

The physical health is where you typically see improvement first and this is also what, together with pure willpower, often enables you to keep sobriety initially. BUT pure willpower typically lasts for around 90 days (3 months) – at its best.

The food is the basics and the foundation you have for everything else. This, though, only accounts for approximately 10% of the entire toolbox to recovery.

In our work with treatment of addiction and harmful use (emotional eating), we see that those who spend time and energy on recovery in all four areas have a far better chance of long term recovery, as items 2, 3 and 4 above are about what you make of your life, and accounts for 90% of your entire toolbox.

This is where you should find your motivation and create the energy you need when you stop getting your kicks from what you eat. This is also where you find your strategies for peace of mind instead of action your emotions though food.

A difficult task for many and why we provide one or two year treatment plans, allowing you to engage in your recovery on several levels in a sustainable way.

The treatment plan is always individual but can include elements from the following selection:

  • One week treatment admission in Sweden at Leva Sugar-free premises (in English, Danish or Swedish)
  • One week detox in Spain (in Swedish or English)
  • Get your addiction confirmed with the SUGAR® diagnostics tool (great for acceptance)
  • Kickstart your recovery with a biochemical repair inspired by Braverman’s EDGE effect
  • Get support and tools for meal planing
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)
  • Coaching for a sustainable change in lifestyle through
    • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • CRA inspired therapy – Community Re-inforcement Approach
  • A personal workbook in English following your own process and monitoring your personal progress

All individual activities are provided on-line through zoom.

The first 3-6 months is the most intensive part of the treatment. In the beginning you will need an extensive scheme to get yourself started on the road to recovery.

The second year is your year of maintenance. Here you continue your road to recovery with nudge and support from the therapists, all to enable you to continue on your own with new programs in mind and body to keep and withhold a sugar-free life.

Coaching is planned on a higly individual basis – based on your specific needs and will contain elements for:

  • Relapse management
  • Emotional management
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • And of course also motivational coaching

Please consider that for a holistic approach to your long-term recovery there are many fields that can be addressed and incorporated.

You own your map to the future and are responsible for the tools in your personal toolbox – We will support in the process identifying the tools you need to add as well as help you develop them.

If you have a local addiction therapist able to support in parts of your road to recovery or you find local intensive courses about sugar addiction, you can always have that incorporated as part of your personal treatment plan. We adjust accordingly.

Below is a rough matrix of the toolbox that we see as relevant for long-term recovery from food addiction

The treatment plan can very well be combined with 12 step programs joining local OA or FAA as part of your overall road to recovery – You can as example see the 12 step programs as a tool that you place in boxes for addiction supporting community, social health and spiritual health (and any other you see fit).

Global sources in English :

OA – Overeaters anonymous

FAA – Food Addicts Anonymous

FoodAddiction Institute

If a treatment plan feels like something for you, you can book a 30 minute free consultation on Zoom to hear more

If you have questions to ask please use the contact form below

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