Are you focused on weightloss?


Are you stuck in constant thoughts about food and have yo-yo dieting as part of your lifestyle? Do you see weight loss as your only goal?
Let us help you lift your sight and solve the real problem once and for all.

Here are some clearer explanations and illustrations 🙂

Threat (hotivation): Is all that you don’t want! You don’t want the weight you have, you don’t want to be tired, you don’t want to be in pain – yes you can probably fill in with a lot here.

The challenge with these is that they are quite digital, 0 or 1 – on or off. And the pressure of what you don’t want disappears when you lose the kilos you’ve decided (or maybe you’ve given up on the way there), when the fatigue and aches have disappeared, or whatever it is you want to get away from.

Is the threat almost 100% of your drive for change? Are there always a lot of other things that come in between and prevent you from reaching your set weight goals. Someone else’s fault? Is that why you’ll gain your pounds again as soon as you reach your goal?

The means: Are your means to change focused on food? is it a schedule, food plan or diet you should eat for some time to reach your target weight? is this what you have to o control cravings and your blurred thoughts about the food ?

– Don’t despair – in that case, there’s a toolbox with a lot of resources to dive into, and with more tools you might not even in your wildest imagination have thought to be useful for a life in freedom. Where you stand right now, the food may fill your entire universe and it can be difficult to imagine that there are more parameters to work with. We promise – There are.

At first you may only have a few tools in the box, but we can help you identify the ones you lack to get where you really want… which is rarely the exact opposite of everything you don’t want.

Long-term goal: This is fuzzy and not nearly as digital as your threat/hotivation. Your long-term goals can be difficult to grasp – because they may be so far out in the future that you can’t see the link between what you’re doing right now and whether or not that impacts your ability to get there. To die healthy? Be there to see and participate in children/grandchildren growing up? To have the energy to live the life you dream of? With nothing to aspire to, it will be difficult to get out of the yo-yo circle. The threat of what you don’t want looses its force somewhere along the way and if there is nothing to help you further, this is where you fall. Therefore you need clear long-term goals as your guiding beacon to tell you where you are heading.

As the dialogue between the cheshire cat and Alice in Alice in Wonderland

Alice to cat – Which way should i go?

Cat to Alice – Where are you heading?

Alice to cat – I don’t know?

Cat to Alice – in that case, it really doesn’t matter which way you choose either

Don’t despair. Even the most incomprehensable becomes easier to work with with the right means/tools in the toolbox. The traditional focus on food and weight is such an infinitely small part of everything you can resort to.

Will to do : The driving force you multiply with The WILL TO DO. No matter how strong your drivings forces are, theymean absolutely nothing if the will to act is approaching zero.

What gives you the will to act? After all, it may initially be the threat af what you don’t want. Without problem insight, it can though be difficult to have a continued willingness to act. If you’ve been caloriehunting most of your life and your focus is weight loss, then it might be worth raising your view and wonder if you’re in the position you’re in because you actually have a sugar or other food addiction (losing control over cakes, buns, sandwiches and pasta isn’t uncommon either).

Here, UNCOPE as a screening tool and SUGAR as a diagnostic tool help fantastically well to set the insight. Reading Vera Tarmans book Food junkies is also a good wake-up call.

Unfortunately, without problem insight, the willingness to act in real life may be quite small. Without that it is easy to get stuck in your old ways, and do as you have always done and get the results you have always got.

In the BEGINNING, the threat of what you don’t want may account for a whopping 95% of the driving force and you have a long-term goal of 0 – you do it because you feel you MUST and have no clear view to what you really want to acheive with this. Your means/toolbox focuses on the food and in this example delivers 5% of input to your total drive.

Driving force at the beginning = 95% threat + 5% means (focus food) + 0% long-term goal

When you have worked for a while in the process with the support of us here at Leva Sockerfri, the driving force can, for example, look like this:

Driving force after 3 months in treatment = 25% threat + 30% means + 45% long-term goal

and when you feel that you are in a long term sustainable recovery process, it may look like this:

You walk the walk and talk the talk = 5% threat + 70% means + 25% long-term goal

Your long-term solutions to a healthier life can always be found in the means, which help you see both threa and long-term goals and give you different ways to work with the challenges you face along the way. You bring in and work with the tools that work for you.

No matter what you collect here – there is however one thing more important than anything else – your willingness to do. Without that, no means in the world will help.

IF you feel that this may be something for you, then a good start is to start working on the workbook that you download for free here from the homepage. Here the focus is a small part on consolidating the insights and to a large extent that you get an overview of the solution domains that exist and start working on the very solutions that are relevant to you – to get where you want to go.

Curious what all these tools and solutions can be?

Then look here for ideas for the different areas you get insights to work with

In the leva Sockerfri community, we are a number of different therapists who can help and contribute with relevant tools in areas where YOU see that you need to work a little extra, whether it is with emotional work, excercise, mental factors, or at the physical level around health and food.

A treatment plan opens up the possibility of tailoring a flexible solution that adapts to what you need along the way. It may start with your thoughts and demands about the weight, but we can promise that the journey you embark on with us will be about so much more.

If you feel the need to talk, book an appointment for 30 minutes of conversation – the button can be found at the top of the post.

If you want to read more about different paths to freedom here with us, check here

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