Are today’s food really what we are built to eat?

in 2008, when I really got around to change my diet, I got rid of my IBS and a better quality of life.

Instead of listening to others i started listening to my own body, and gained a basic understanding of my needs for optimal function. Today I know that my body is very sensitive to starch – which is basically glucose molecules that are loosely tied in long chains. If difested properly it quickly turn into sugar absorbed in the body. In larger quantities i cannot digest this properly resulting in bloatied belly, loads of gas, brain fog and bad mood.

Look around, and you see all the different health problems we suffer, living lives we are not made for and eating food we are not made for. We are stressed out as we strive to be perfect. We want to be the perfect spouse, parent, colleague and friend. We want to looks stylish and fit, have styled homes and excell at everything we do – AND we show this as a perfect front on social media and thus all contribute to a negative spiral.

When we enter our supermarkets, the majority of the goods on the shelves and in the freezeboxes are processed, highly processed or ultraprocessed food with long ingredients lists. A standard grocery store have added sugar in approximately 80% of everything you find on the shelves. As this is focused on added sugar as in white sugar i believe the figure of 80% is conservative. The sweet taste is hidden under many other names in the ingredients list such as fructose, lactose, glucose, dextrose, maltodextrine, fruitjuce, honey, potatostarch, cornstarch, applesauce, agave syrup, fructose syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) among many others.

The generation growing up now is the first generation that, if we don’t change anything, has an expected lifetime shorter than their parents. That is something to be really scared of.

Let’s reflect a bit on how long society and living conditions have really looked as it does today! If you compare that with how long we’ve been around as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, with our unique set of genes, that’s a very short time.

If we compress our time on earth as homo sapiens sapiens to 1 (one) year, we introduced agriculture at our latitudes (nordic countries) on December 28th (in real world 2000 BC). Sugar became stapl goods on December 31st at 11 PM (one hour before midnight) and todays dietary advice was introduced on December 31, 11.38 PM.

The first 362 days of our total existence as homo sapiens sapiens so far (of 365 days) we lived as hunters/gatherers. We only began to change our diet and lifestyle significantly 3 days before the end of the year. No wonder we can’t keep up.

With such a perspective, it is obvious that today’s dietary advice with today’s obesity epidemic and bad health is not suitable for us and we need to go back to eating REAL nutritious FOOD. Our bodies and brains are not built for the ultra processed food and amounts that we eat today.

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