Every new beginning is a challenge

Making decisions about changes, changing something in your everyday life or behaviour can be an extremely frightening thought. You enter the unknown, and with the unknown – you never know what it brings.

This is like the left image. You see a start – it needs to be brushed off to be safe to walk, and you don’t know what comes after your first caucious steps. You know what it is like precisely here and now and that’s the base for how you judge future as well.

Once you’ve taken your first steps, you’re in a new place and things look different (the path in the picture continues upwards – but you don’t see that from where this picture is taken). Of course, you find this hard to imagine when you are standing below the stairs and cannot see what lies above your first steps.

It’s the same with your recovery. So dare to leave your comfort zone – the one you see in the photo on the right. If you continue to walk the path you know well and have walked 1,000 times before, you also know exactly where you end up.

The first steps on unfamiliar ground are always scary, but over time it becomes safer and even here you will eventually pave a clear path, if you just keep going <3

With support and treatment here at Leva Sockerfri, you join a community with others who have already taken the lead. Everyone has their own path to go, but no matter how unique you experience your pathto be, there is support to be found.

Dare to ask for help

Support & ADVICE

With support and treatment here at Leva Sugar-free, you end up in a community with people who have gone before. Everyone has their own way of hiking, but no matter how unique you experience your way to be, there is support to be found.

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