Microbiome important for the brain

Our microbiome is so important to our well-being.

Karolinska Institutet has presented a report on how gut bacteria can actually affect our blood/brain barrier – i.e. it is not only the gut that can become permeable to foreign proteins and bacteria into the body – it can also occur in the brain. Incredibly scary – and therefore all the more important to take care of our gut mates. They are so extremely important to us.

Now, there is also word that the intestine is our second brain and that the intestine is directly connected to the brain through the vagus nerve. And research has shown that our gut bacteria are linked to our well-being by, for example, producing very large parts of our feel-good hormones – both serotonin and dopamine.

So we really need to become friends with our microbiome and make sure to feed them with the right food and ensure that there is a good balance between all the different bacteria that need to be there. For me, with IBS, and a wellknown bad gut health, this becomes all the more important.

So how do you eat good bacterial food?….. It is spelled VEGETABLES – in all its colors and shapes. Soft water-soluble fibers that the bacteria get good nutrition from.

What is NOT good bacterial food then – SUGAR, and NON-water soluble fibers. The last one can be found in grain. So we are back to a low-carb diet with just the right amount of protein, lots of vegetables and fat for satiety.

And if there is an imbalance, it is all the more important to remove what creates overgrowth of the wrong bacteria and fungus – and there sugar is a big culprit – so away it goes even for that reason.

If you suspect that the fungus candida albicans is present with you messing up and taking the place of everything else that needs to be in our gut, I can propose a cure with blackseed oil or artimesia).

How I knew that I had candida. Itching in the ears and rectum and white coating on the tongue. A good test can be to spit in a glass of water and see how the spit is visible in the water. if it gets thready, there is quite a high probability that you have Candida overgrowth. Candidan loves sugar and grows and thrives on it. AND – if it doesn’t get it, it signals to you so that you get cravings and feed it more….

Another thing i do on a regular basis is to add probiotics to my diet. That helps increase the variance and amount of good gut bacteria in my gut. As the establishment of the microbiome happens during early childhood, the only thing we can do as adults is to ensure we refill the things we may be missing.

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