Survey and map you resilience

Been there – done that!

Is this the feeling you get when you read about and get advice about eating habits, food and how to handle it?

Have you tried all diets imaginable to loose weight, only to find it bouncing back? Diets like the egg diet, the banana diet, the flight attendant diet, various powder diets and weight watchers?

A survey of your health factors could then be worth your while.

The Survey is a counselling session over 90 minutes via zoom and will give you an understanding of your strong edges and which areas in your mindset and lifestyle that may be weaker or perhaps contraproductive to reaching your goals.

Whether you have weight loss in focus or can identify with having a lifelong addict personality struggling to find a stable foothold in life, such a survey can give you new insights into areas for you to work with, to get where you really desire in life.

The counselling session will not solve your challenges – but you will gain insights into what you can do to move forward in your work towards a healthier life.

We base the mapping on our experiences through years of work with hundreds of clients with loss of control over food intake (Many identify with having food addiction).

This mapping is used in our ordinary counselling work as part of a chronic disease maintenance model, focusing on individual tailored treatment based on a holistic approach that extends far beyond the food on the plate.

The price for this 90 minute session is 1 995 SEK, which is approximately 170 GBP, 230 USD or 195 EUR.

Survey of your resilience

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