Do you suspect you have Candida?

Candida – you know – that sponge in the intestinal system that's a real "sucker for sugar."

Typical signs are white coating on the tongue, itching – both in the anus and in the ear island.

Then there's a long line of other symptoms that can be caused by Candida – and that's not the worst. This fungus talks to your brain and creates cravings, so you get even more cravings for the sweet. Not exactly what we need – least of all if we already have problems with control loss around the food.

We have gathered information here on the page so you can get an overview of what candida is and how you can easily perform a self-test. And so we have loaded with food lists and recipes so you can easily fix food that feeds your health without also fattening Candida.

Many people today choose to eat LCHF-like food, but since it often contains a lot of cream and cheese, dairies that Candida enjoys, you also need to look at where you get the fat source from

Feel free to read what we have gathered here about Candida, both symptoms, how to test yourself, suitable foods and recipes – all collected in one place.

Learn to live Sugar-free – together we lift you

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