Pork shank with mashed turnips

Monday was one of those days where dinner needed to prepare itself. So why not let it do that with my trusted friend – the crock-pot.

We had a pork shank in the freezer that we brought out to defrost already on sunday. We prepared the crockpot on monday morning and let the pork shank simmer on “high” for 10 hours while we let our monday activties proceed. 10 hours was pretty much the time of our whereabouts and we would then come home to a dinner almost ready.

In the morning I also prepared turnips, carrots and a few potatoes and put it all in casseroles with water that it would be easy to boil once the first person would be home.

For 5 servings i had

  • Pork shank
    • Rimmed pork shank 1.8 kg
    • 2 small onions
    • 1 bay leaf
    • 10 white peppercorns
    • Water so the shank would be 3/4 covered from the beginning

  • Mashed turnips
    • 3 small turnips
    • 4 smaller carrots
    • 3 large potatoes
    • 1 dl full fat cream
    • 50 g butter

  • Sauce
    • 100g butter skimmed in casserole on a low heat 10 minutes before serving

The pork shank were placed in crockpot for 10 hours on a pile of coarsely chopped onions and with bay leaves, water and white peppercorns

The mashed turnips was made by peeling all the root vegetables and dividing into smaller pieces. Potatoes in a casserole for themselves and turnip/carrot in another. Both were covered with water and seasoned generously with salt.

Comng home in the evening Turnip/carrot had to boil for 40 minutes and the potatoes 20.

Pour the water off and add butter and cream to the turnip/carrot casserole. Mash well and add bites of potato while mashing till you get your desired texture. You can even skip the potato, if you have a problem tolerating them.

Let 100 grams of butter simmer in a small casserole by itself for 10 minutes and you have a perfect nutty skimmed butter sauce to add to the meal.

Add some green sallad and the meal is perfect.

A huge benefit was that after the dinner i could boil the leftover “goo” of the shank further in the crockpot which gave an incredibly nice bone broth, tight, compact, full of gelatine and lots of GAG.

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