Finger food for indoor or outdoor picnics

With end of school term coming up, at least i Sweden we have loads of outdoor activities with the kids, marking the end of soccer, handball, riding, painting, dancing term (place what i relevant for your kid(s)) and celebrating the approaching vacation.

At such occasions, typically marked with an outdoor picnic, drug food usually flows in vast quantities, which makes this a real tough risk area.

Step one is, as always, to plan ahead. It doesn’t work to go to the local grocery store for a last minut fix, as that will make it real easy to just pick lots of “simple” drug stuff to bring.

Spend time planning a few days in advance and be sure to shop and prepare the picnic basket no later than the night before.

And what could a good picnic basket contain?

Safe choices can be simple fingerfood like cherry tomatoes, mini carrots and snack cucumbers. Small and handy to rinse in advance and pack without requiring any special preparation.

A glass of olives could also be a good addition – my personal favorite there is halkidiki.

Fix a cold dip for your veggies – Pick your favorite as base – full fat dairy or a mayonnaise. Flavor your dip trying quite simple things like one of the following: garlic, chili, mustard, French herbs, freshly chopped basil, grated parmesane, sesame oil, saffron or dill. Ready-made flavored dips are usually sweetened and can be unnecessary triggers.

Other easy picnic elements include cured ham(check the ingredients list – parma/prochiutto is usually unsweetened), some good salami, mozzarella and hard cheese in small squares are all simple examples that can be easily brought without lots of preparation in the kitchen.

All of the above can be brought without lots of preparation, can be eaten easily with your fingers and picked in the quantities you want.

Today, many supermarkets have pick-a deli salads, which also can be one of the better options.

Fresh berries can bring a nice finish to the picnic.

As usual, it is always important to listen inwards. Just because we wrote a recommendation here, it may not be working for you. If you know that some of the above may trigger you, make sure you skip it..

And to drink you can easily bring your own water/carbonated water, coffee/tea at your own taste.

Now you have planned an excellent picnic basket with good elements working for both kids and adults, and avoiding highly palatable options from your local store.

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