Diagnosed with IBS? Here is some ideas how you can work with that

When I finally got my IBS diagnosis as a young adult, it was with the doctors advice to work with elimination diet to figure out what was causing my stomach issues, and above all – i was recommended to eat more fiber and whole grains. I was prescribed with inulin granulate as the medical remedy for my lifelong problems with bloated gassy stomach – Where stomach cramps were the normal and my bowel movements were altering between too often or too rare.

Today I know better – Elimination diet was definitely necessary, but the inulin was, with the state of my microbiome, a total disaster for my body.

The road to recovery was long. Experimenting with elimination one after the other my turning point came in December 2008 – at the age of 40 – and you can read more about this att diet doctors page read more about this.

I have been working with my own healingpuzzle now for almost 10 years and feel that I am almost getting there. It probably never will be fully completed.

We are all different and IBS, being a diagnosis based upon symtoms, can have many different causes. We therefore need to find our own individual solutions. If you’re currently busy finding yours – try focusing on nutritious food (avoid the empty carbs) and remove things your body can’t cope with at the moment – an idea might be to check out one or more of these groups:

  • Nightshade family
  • Dairy (primarily cow)
  • Starch – for example, starchy products such as pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, bulgur, quinoa…..

I have also worked quite a lot with stress management and conscous deep breathing (and still do), that i can get into the parasymphatic nervous system for healing and recovery, at least a couple of times a day.

For a healthy digestive system we all need

  • Proper stomach acid level
  • Healthy, varied and stable microbiome
  • Digestive enzymes in the right amounts to handle the food we eat
  • Avoid food your body can’t handle right now (it might work later when your system has been repaired)
  • Let bowel movements take their time and visit the toilet when the body tells you to.
  • And last but not least – Skip gluten because that messes up your gut, creates leaky gut syndrome, causes nutrient deficiencies AND if you have a reward sensitive brain – it also hi-jacks your thoughts and emotions.

Last but not least – Listen to your body – it is talking to you all time. It is when you won’t listen it starts screaming at you.

If you feel you need help getting started with your own puzzle, feel free to contact us

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