Todays dietary recommendations

From what I understand, the Food and Nutrition Agency’s diet and nutrition recommendations are for healthy individuals – But how many people can today with confidence call themselves healthy given the huge amount of medicine we consume?

In relation to that I question todays dietary advice and nutritional recommendations – Are they based on the real uptake expected for an average healthy person or have the commendations taken into account that many suffer from a generally reduced/disturbed nutrient uptake? Are the recommendations assuming that what we chew and swallow are equal to the actual nutrient uptake?

Also – How do you define the word healthy? – Is it a lack of diagnosis – or as an average of the health status of the population ?

If the recommendations take into account that many people have reduced nutrient uptake, and therefore need to add to compensate for that – What does it mean for those of us who exclude gluten, dairy and thus can assume to have better nutrient uptake. If so – what would the nutritional recommendations be for us?

And if that is not taken into account – does that mean that many people are at risk of malnutrition even if they follow the recommendations of the National Food Agency?

This is just a thought and I would love to understand more in this

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