Should you boost your immune system?

Yes, what can we do in these times. It is very easy to feel fear and powerlessness, and unfortunately it creates a blissful mess in the body. Fear creates adrenaline-boosting, and it becomes an unnecessary job for the liver to take care of. Now that it needs to be strong for other things. So try to take it easy and live your life as usual but of course according to the directives we have received from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. I don't think anyone's missed them.

So boost your immune system primarily by finding your sense of security in all of this. But can we really boost our immune system with external stimuli?

We see that there is a lot of writing in the media about this now. And boosting your immune system is not about curing disease, etc., it is about helping the body to be strong and resist so that we do not fall as hard. This applies in any case, not only now that it is so tangible. We have diseases every year, it just doesn't get as contagious and noticed as it is now. And the same goes for every year, it is good to boost your immune system. One way to do that, of course, is to eat a diet that the body can build something sensible from (few things are built from fries and soft drinks if you say so).

Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. These are known to improve the immune system. It's a jungle, and you can Google it because it's not rocket science but below you'll get some tips on how to get the most effective ones naturally:

Vitamin C Is an antioxidant that is strengthening the immune system. I think most people know that. In the past, people got sick from scurvy because there was often a shortage of fruit in our part of the world. Found naturally in fruit & berries (blackcurrants, strawberries, kiwi, orange, rosehip), vegetables (green pepper, broccoli, white cabbage, cauliflower)

Vitamin D This is best achieved by making sure to get out in the sun every day. Doesn't have to last long but 5-10 minutes anyway. Found naturally in oily fish, eggs, meat and cheese.

Vitamin E Is a protective and powerful antioxidant. Found mainly in oils, seeds, nuts, almonds, avocados, spinach, wheat germ, fruits and vegetables.

Zinc Affects our immune system but is also important in wound healing. Found naturally in oysters, liver, pumpkin kernels, wheat germ, meat, fish, bird, cheese, nuts, milk

Selenium Even this mineral can be interesting to boost our immune system. It has a task for our antioxidants and lack thereof causes free radicals to increase in the body. If you eat 3-4 Brazil nuts a day, you're home. Also available in other nuts, seafood, fish, meat and poultry.

So eating well is, of course, a prerequisite for our immune system. If you want, you can of course boost by eating supplements. We do not recommend eating supplements just because, if you do not know that you have a deficiency but in these times it may be an idea to do so, especially if you know with you that your immune system is not the best. This is clear that people know a thing or two about, because vitamin C is out of all our suppliers. But we take some stock and sell what we have to those who think they need.

Holistic has also come up with an exciting new product called Anti-V which is a dietary supplement containing humic acid – a natural acid found in the soil humus layer. This is said to play a role in the fight against Viruses, but it is not something we dare to comment on. You can Google that information if you are interested, we have brought home a few to those who want to try it.

We have good supplements of good quality in the webshop, the ones we recommend simply. You can read more here

We hope with this text why it is good to boost the immune system and that it is not about curing something, which the media drive is about right now.

Take good care of yourself and your surroundings <3 Och glöm inte att skratta mitt i eländet, det stärker kroppen på andra sätt 🙂

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