Sugaraddict? – detox in Spain?

Are you a sugar/food addict? And do you have problems adressing this on your own without professional help?

Look no further – come and join us one week in Cortija De Paco Romo, a wonderful place just in the outskirts of Nerja, south of Spain. Next event is now being planned for Spring 2021

So who are we guiding and coaching you through such a week?

The past years we have delivered addiction therapy in Sweden under the LevaSockerfri flag (Living sugarfree), successfully guiding a bit more than 100 fellow addicts to a life free from the grip and jaws of sugarmonster. This through detoxes like this one (from three days to one week), webinars, individual advise and coaching.

We provide this support to our clients with at carefully defined individual treatment plan supporting you during 12 och 24 months as you learn to adress and cope with your addiction, all based upon your specific needs, or you can choose to participate in our activities on an ad-hoc basis if you with to manage your recovery by yourself .

We are a group of swedish therapists, experienced and educated with focus on food addiction, with a solid base both as Holistic Addiction Medicine therapist, taught under the wings of renowned swedish addiction specialist Bitten Jonsson, as well as alcohol and drugaddiction therapist. We use tools like UNCOPE for screening, SUGAR as a diagnostic tool and base therapy and coaching on methods like MI, NLP, EFT, and mindfulness, also cooperating with a number of different coaches experienced with food addictions for you to find the perfect match for your needs.

At home in Sweden, we run the swedish addictiontherapy – LevaSockerfri (living sugarfree) and also manage Bitten Jonssons Facebook groups Sugarfree Cookbook and the swedish parallel to that.

During this one week course in south of spain you will be guided through

  • A physical and mental sugar detox
  • Insights and understanding of the mechanisms of sugar addiction,
  • The science behind how sweet additives affect body and mind
  • Mealplanning – Under guidance preparing and working with your own personal plan
  • How to work with long lasting behavioural changes for a life i sobriety
  • mapping of your own personal triggers and warningsignals
  • Relaxation, mindfullness and meditation to find a landing spot for new insights and emotions.
  • Personal coaching to find your personal drive and motivators when you get home

The week will be spent together with fellow addicts in common lectures and group work, as well as in individual work and coaching. All meals will be served on site, and you will not need to leave the grounds of Cortijo De Paco Romo, unless you feel like going for a walk/run in the spectacular surroundings.

There will be plenty of time for solitude if this is what you seek – or spend the time getting closer to your fellow companions on this amazing journey to a sugarfree life.

Here you can read more about Charlotte, Frida – The core coaches and guides you will meet on this journey

In advance of the course we will create a group on facebook that you can get acquainted with your fellow companions. This is also a good group to maintain contact through after you have returned home to your ordinary lives.

The price for such week including a part in a double room (with twin beds), 3 meals per day and all the water you can drink is 1 495 Euro and include :

  • lectures every day between breakfast and lunch
  • An instance of individual coaching of the kind you feel you need the most of – either trigger/warningsignals, mealplan or motivational targets.
  • Groupwork
  • Group coaching
  • Time for reflection and fellowship
  • full pension (3 meals per day) – sugar- and glutenfree
  • part in double room (additional 150 euro for a single room)

So – how to get there. international flights takes you to the nearest airport in Malaga and once we know when you plan to arrive, we can connect and mediate transfer arrangements to the venue.

Any questions or you wish to opt in for a prebooking of a seat at the next course? contact us at info@levasockerfri.se or on number +46733340931 (Charlotte) and we will let you know when we have set a date.

Maximum 18 participants